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Create video landing pages to capture attention

Thursday, October 1, 2020 11:47 PM

An effective video landing page can generate leads and convert sales. Even with all the video content out there, if you have a quality landing page it will retain visitor attention. What is a video landing page you may ask? Well, it is a static webpage that is tied to a particular video marketing campaign with an intention of converting visitors into sales. With a conversion rate of almost 90% it is an effective sales tool.

Video landing pages can also be referred to as a destination page, a static page or even a post-click page. Obviously, video content features strongly and is the focal point of the page. This can be used in a manner of ways such as a standalone piece, a lightbox of videos or alongside other interactive media and text.

Why use landing page videos?

Today more than ever, video is the buzzword online. It features on every single platform out there from Facebook to Instagram and TikTok. There is no escaping video content and any self-respecting marketing campaign should be using it or risk being left in the dust of its competitors. It is proven that video content increases conversion rates, customers say that their buying decisions are influenced heavily by video content as it helps them understand a product or service resulting in a likelihood they will make that all important commitment to buy.

What type of video to use

There is no right or wrong type of video to use on your landing page. However, you must decide on what results you want to yield from creating a landing page. Consider the following examples as suitable video content:

Promo Videos: The good old promo video is an obvious choice. This can be in the form of a product promo or even an overview of your organization.

Demo Videos: Try producing a demonstration piece of one of your products that helps the viewer to better understand your products. this will also build trust and instil value in your service or product.

Explainer Videos: If you offer something unique that is not widely available then an explainer video is a great solution. These can be animated with voiceover or live action video. If done right, these videos can be very effective  in helping potential customers understand something they may not be familiar with.

Testimonial Videos: There is no better way to build confidence in potential new customers than with a testimonial video. Try filming a brief interview with a satisfied client and add this to your landing page and watch the power of referrals bring in results to your bottom line.


Don’t forget the video

Lastly, don’t forget to add regular content to your landing page  to keep it fresh. If you are embedding video from a third-party hosting service make sure whatever type of hosting solution  you use will impact the viewer experience on your website. YouTube is the most popular, and while you can benefit from additional SEO ranking the videos can distract the viewer with their advertising. Always remember to use a call to action in your videos as this will add to your conversion rates if you tell the viewer what you would like them to do next.

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