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Executing an Effective Explainer Video

Thursday, October 22, 2020 4:24 PM

We have mentioned the ‘Explainer Video’ often during our blog posts so we thought it was time to give this form of video marketing some spotlight. As you are aware, an explainer video is a short format and highly functional piece of media. It is often used to inform the viewer in simple terms why they should be using a particular product or service. These videos can also instruct you on how to use something. They can be standard film or graphic text and animation, or maybe a combination of everything. 

We all prefer to watch a video over reading pages of text, and these explainer videos fit the bill perfectly. Video is far more engaging than text in a book or on a web page, also, viewers these days are increasingly running short on time so an efficient explainer video gets straight to the point and can be very successful in converting the sale. If you place an explainer video on your home page this can be the first thing that a visitor will be drawn to. If you want to retain that visitor for longer and increase your conversion rates it is advisable to find a video production company to produce a high quality explainer video for you.

The trick to producing a successful explainer video is to keep it short yet informative. Shorter videos will retain the attention of the viewer especially if it is easy to understand. Imagine if you create a video that addresses some common areas of frustration of a potential customer and by offering them a viable solution you are already over half way to converting that sale. Don’t forget to include the all-important call to action.

Some other points to remember are; don’t use too much technical jargon as it can confuse the viewer and result in alienating them. Make your video as entertaining as possible. You could create a character that the video production company could animate. Think of how successful those Geico commercials are with the funny little lizard with the English accent. This will make it memorable, and with that comes brand and product retention.

Don’t limit your explainer videos to just your homepage. Share them on social media platforms and extend the reach as much as possible. Whether you decide to go fully animated, live action or a mix of both styles, keep your content as entertaining as possible. If you would like to discuss producing an explainer video for your company, feel free to contact Andy Holt on 780-907-1445 for a no obligation consultation.