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Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Thursday, October 29, 2020 8:23 PM

So you own a small business, and you probably have a small budget for your video marketing and think that you can’t afford to produce any video content. Well, that’s where you would be wrong. In this blog post we want to let you in on some easy ideas for you to start building your video marketing presence.

Small businesses with small marketing budgets can still produce effective video content. To start with, let’s think about what the best type of videos will have the most impact on your company. We have all experienced the rise of online video over the years and the ubiquitous smartphone has helped to boost the popularity of video-based content. The demand for it is still very high, and over 50% of consumer’s have said that they want to see even more video content in the future. We highly recommend investing on some video production to market your product or service.

Here are some effective options for you to consider…

Explainer Video

Let’s start with a good one, the ‘Explainer Video’. Visitors to your website are there because they need to find out more information on your company, products and/or services. The best way to educate them and keep them on your website for longer periods of time is to create an explainer video. This type of video can illustrate your product’s best features, selling points and benefits by detailing exactly how it is used and the problems it solves. If you are a service-based business, the explainer video can inform the viewer of all the services you offer and how they can benefit a potential new customer. Either way, if you can connect with the viewer in a positive way by showing them how your company can make their lives easier then you are on the road to success with your video marketing. 

A good video needs structure. Begin with a solid script, and try to keep it short, around a minute or so is the sweet spot for an introductory explainer video. Always steer clear of industry jargon, as this can deter someone who doesn’t understand it.

Testimonial Video

Talk to a satisfied and regular customer who is willing to go on camera to give a testimonial on your company. Just one or two credible long-term customers talking about how much they love to do business with you can go a long way to increase confidence in your products/service.

Some good ideas for creating effective testimonial videos are to interview the customer at their place of business and add in some b-roll footage of them using your products. A conversational tone is the best approach as this can be more believable and authentic.

Your Story

Do you have a compelling story of how you started in business? What motivated you to start your company? People are interested in stories, especially ones with a human touch. People buy more when they have an emotional connection. You can show how unique you are and how you stand apart from your competition, and at the same time help to reinforce strong connections. 

Add some detail on your company culture, how your employees feel about daily life and working at your organization combined with b-roll footage of company events with a short voiceover will add to the experience.

Through the use of this type of video marketing you will build trust and credibility in your company. Let us help you, feel free to call Andy Holt on 780.907.1445 for a no obligation discussion about your video marketing needs.