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Creating a Video Marketing Strategy

Wednesday, April 1, 2020 4:38 PM

Creating a Video Marketing Strategy

All the best marketing strategies start out with a plan and video marketing isn’t any different. Today, video is the most consumed media in the world as we can access it anywhere thanks to the technology that is available. Video content is the best way to build your customer base, raise awareness of your brand, promote lead generation and generate sales. Here we offer a brief outline our approach to video marketing.

Know your audience

At the outset you need to be able to identify your audience, understand them and create the right content that will be effective enough to resonate with them. It might, in some cases, be a good idea to invest in some marketing data to help you plan out your campaign and discover the path to more sales and an increased ROI.

Plan your objectives

Early on it is important to decide on your goals for the video marketing campaign you are about to create. What are the main objectives? Are they brand awareness, education, inspirational, or simply divert traffic to your website? Determining these objectives will help you in arriving at  the primary agenda that will drive the video production campaign. If you have goals and objectives this will in turn make your campaign more successful in the long term.

Brand consistency

A consistent brand strategy should be implemented across all areas of your marketing and be complemented by the video content you create. Brand isn’t just the logo on your business card it is the entire philosophy your organization revolves around from print, email marketing to online and social media platforms. Your video content needs to reflect your vision and values along with the creative tone of your company. It is important to let your overall brand stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Setting a budget

It’s easy to exceed your budget. Expensive videos are not always the best answer and don’t always achieve your goals. But also remember that underwhelming your audience is a waste of money and a missed opportunity. The budget should fit the needs of your campaign goals.

Choosing your digital channels

The first ones that come to mind are Facebook and Twitter. However, they are not the only digital platforms out there to consider. You have to understand your audience and how they consume digital content on a daily basis. The demographics of your target audience will play a part in the channels you decide to use. For instance, a younger audience is engaged on Instagram more than on Facebook. A small buy of paid advertising to help leverage your ad can also be entertained as this can result in more traffic to your site and reach a wider audience.

Content distribution

Once your video marketing campaign is complete and released into the world you have to decide how to showcase your content. Using the right channels can also help you with your search engine optimization (SEO) and take advantage of built-in algorithms used by YouTube and Google. Developing a YouTube channel is key as the keywords you associate with all of your content will help optimize your SEO and keep you at the forefront of your industry sector.

Monitoring and adjusting performance

It is just as important to keep an eye on the performance of your campaign and monitor the success of the videos you have created and make any adjustments to the ones that are not performing as well as others. 

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