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Shifting from in-person to virtual events

Wednesday, April 8, 2020 2:42 PM

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Shifting from in-person events to virtual solutions

The dramatic spread of coronavirus and COVID-19 has limited all in-person interaction, consequently businesses are looking for solutions to move their events from in-person gatherings to virtual, online strategies.

The restrictions imposed on us due to the pandemic are continuing to affect communities and business alike on a daily basis. Working remotely, social distancing and elimination of public gatherings are becoming the new normal. Businesses are re-evaluating their strategies and making the shift towards digital solutions.

Here are some useful tips to consider:

Build your team

It’s a good idea to form a committee dedicated to your virtual events. This can be made up of marketing experts, event planners, communications professionals and partners from other teams such as the technology sector. This committee can develop plans to streamline processes and communication as we all adapt to this unique environment.

Future evaluation

Decide as a team what needs to be cancelled and what should be converted to digital. Events that are scheduled in the short term can’t be planned to be converted to digital in such a reduced timeframe. It’s a good idea to consider moving your other events into a digital format. The perfect candidates for digital conversion are conferences, educational events, keynote presentations, seminars and public facing presentations. Live video streaming is an ideal solution for all of these. This will ensure you reach a broader audience and extend your reach across social media platforms. Your organization can also build an online library of video recordings of all live webcasts for future educational uses or marketing opportunities.

Hire professionals

It is important to hire a professional video production team to handle the live streaming production and recording of your virtual event. That way you will benefit from an experienced team to look after all of the technical aspects that will enable you to look after the planning and marketing. 

Creating the best experience

Understand your target audience, make sure they are aware of your virtual event well in advance, follow up with reminders and updates on the content you will be featuring. Make sure the experience you are presenting to them is unique, concise and relevant. Try to put yourself in the shoes of your audience to understand how you can provide the best content.

Depending on the content you can decide if you deliver a live streamed event or a pre-recorded presentation in the style of a TED Talk 15 minute presentation that is engaging and inspirational.

Promotional strategies

When building a promotional strategy and schedule of events take into consideration user behaviour and available platforms. Use social media to promote your event and spread the word. Your event will have to stand out so be creative. Maybe a short video to promote the event that informs your audience about the content you are offering. Regular updates along with a link to the virtual on line event are key. All of this ensures your audience know that you are ahead of the rest, innovative and you are thinking of their best interests.

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