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Video Marketing is More Powerful Than Ever

Wednesday, May 13, 2020 4:02 PM

Video Marketing is More Powerful Than Ever

Back when older generations witnessed the first colour printed ad, they were amazed. Brands that could afford to advertise in colour found their sales shooting through the roof. It wasn’t as much about the product they were selling, as much as it was the way in which they sold it. 

Many years later when video marketing was introduced, brands were able to engage the viewer with substantial information while still being able to capture their attention. A very different medium to print advertising as it utilizes many different channels of communication to showcase your product or service. 

The use of video today in marketing is endless. Videos are front and centre on a company’s website, landing page, social media, or even through emails in order to inform, educate or help generate sales. 

The main reason why videos are more effective is that when we are able to see and process information with our eyes, it becomes that much easier to remember and retain it. This is why when colour printing was introduced, people found it that much more visually appealing and could retain the image in their minds for much longer. 

Here are some of the top reasons as to why video marketing is now more powerful than ever:

Increased conversions and sales

Research has shown that video can increase conversions up to 80%. When a potential customer lands on your website, having a video as an explainer holds their attention. Studies report that over 74% of people who watched a marketing video about a product went on ahead to buy it. 


Greater ROI

Explainer videos have a greater return of investment as compared to other forms of marketing. While making videos are quite time consuming, finding the perfect video agency to take care of your video services will ensure high-quality, professional-grade videos for your viewers to watch when they visit your web pages. 



Video marketing is a great way to gain the trust of your customer as it is a medium that engages the emotions of a customer more conversationally. YouTube is a perfect example of this. People today would rather click on their favourite YouTuber’s videos than purchase magazines with photographs of their favourite celebrities. Studies also show that over 57% of consumers believe that videos give them more confidence to purchase online. 


Smartphone use has exploded over the last few years, making video marketing all the more viable. Over 90% of people prefer to watch videos on their mobile phones, due to the sheer convenience it provides. You can sit and digest video content on your smartphone while sitting in the backseat of a cab, or even while having lunch at your desk. All because of the prevalence of video content across all platforms.  

Social media share

Social media platforms are a great way to get your video seen by a wide spectrum of people. Videos are simply easy to resonate with, and this type of content is always more popular than others. 

By combining a good script with even better execution and production value, you have created a video that will surely gain the attention of the viewer. A captivating video is much easier to share compared to a written content.


Several social media users have no problems sharing a marketing video, if they found it interesting. A good video is sure to generate interest in your brand than ever before. Video marketing is here to stay, and can only improve. This is why investing in a professional video production company to help you create the perfect video for maximum visibility makes total sense.

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