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Ingredients for Successful Social Media Video Content

Wednesday, June 24, 2020 1:47 PM

Companies, organizations and brands are concentrating their marketing efforts towards social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and newcomer to the group — TikTok. All of these are established marketing platforms. 

When you consider that over 80% of internet traffic is generated by video content alone it makes sense for a marketer to consider using social media video sharing to engage with their audiences as well as generate interest from potential new customers. The recipe for success is to enlist the services of a proven video production company to create dynamic and engaging video content for your brand, service or product.

Let’s get started with the key ingredients every successful social media video should include:

Tell a story

People love stories. Stories can evoke emotions of all levels whether it be happy or sad we can all relate to a strong story. The majority of videos contain a story of some kind, from a simple product demonstration to animated explainer videos and mini documentaries all provide value to the viewer. The best way to produce a video is to tell a story rather than be over-the-top with a sales pitch.

Value and appeal

Consider your target audience every time before you begin creating a video. Once you have understood your audience you can tailor your video to their needs. This is important from the story/plot to the music, art direction and format. Different styles of videos appeal to different age groups and audiences.

Target objectives

Think about your target objectives before spending any money on a video production company. What do you want to achieve from the video? Do you want more web traffic, more followers on social media, increase sales, generate new leads or just build a general brand awareness? When you can answer this you all be able to create a successful video that brings you measurable results.

Keep it short

You have to make sure that your video fits the time constraints of the different social media channels. Platforms such as Twitter and Instagram work better with videos of 60 seconds or less while videos of a longer duration perform better on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Social media has drastically shortened everyone’s attention span and we need to make sure the main points of the video are covered early on before the viewer falls off and onto the next video.

Mobile compatibility

Finally, make certain that your video is in a compatible format for mobile viewing. Over 50% of online video content is viewed from a mobile device. You are probably reading this on your phone right now, so it makes perfect sense to engage your audience in the same way.

We can work with you to create the best possible social media videos that bring the right results your way. For further information or to discuss your video production requirements give Andy Holt a call on 780-907-1445 and he will be happy to advise you.