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Make the Most of LinkedIn Video in 2020

Thursday, June 18, 2020 10:05 PM

When we think about social media video content, we have to create the best possible content and if it doesn’t go viral then we have failed. But that isn’t always true.

The great thing about video content is that it is becoming increasingly popular and doesn’t really need to go viral to achieve results. Did you know that there is currently more video content uploaded to online sharing sites and social media networks over the last 30 days than in the past 30 years to major television networks.

The demand is clearly there for fresh video content and you need to be creating it constantly in all of your marketing content. One network that you may have overlooked for video content sharing is LinkedIn. It is gaining in popularity and with it being a primarily business-to-business platform for professional networking, the videos posted here can ultimately boost both your professional and personal brand.

The rise of video on LinkedIn has been recognized as a very effective channel for marketers and companies alike. Here are some ways you can use LinkedIn to your advantage when sharing your video marketing content

What Can LinkedIn be Used For?

There are many ways to create a variety of content for sharing on LinkedIn. What you have to do is decide which option is the best for you, your company or brand.

You have a story to tell

One interesting thing about LinkedIn is that the people on there are curious about learning more about you and your story. Let’s face it, LinkedIn was built for establishing professional relationships so this can be used to pique the interest of those you have connected with.

Share a video about the story behind your business, how you got started and who helped you along the way. It can be just like a regular status update, include some text and then embed the video below. LinkedIn values the use of video highly in its algorithms and because of this the chances of you popping up at the top of someone’s feed are much higher. Sharing your stories will help people to better understand you and your brand, boosting awareness and cementing relationships with those you are connected with.


Use LinkedIn to promote your products, create demonstration and how-to videos or answer some frequently asked questions. The use of video in this way will generate interest in your products or service and in return will help your return on investment and bottom line. Share whatever is upcoming on a regular basis to generate excitement and see the benefits.

Personal Branding

Some people are influencers on LinkedIn and use video to enhance their personal brand by video blogging or ‘vlogging’. Give it a try. What gets you fired up, annoyed or excited? Whatever your story, share it with your connections and followers. If you are relatable it can only improve your engagements and connections with people


Sharing Video on LinkedIn

As with any other social media network, you need a solid plan for creating and publishing your video content. Without this it can only lead to disappointment. Part of this plan should be to create quality content. If you haven’t taken the time to make your videos the best they can be, then why should people care about watching them? Consider engaging the services of a professional video production company to help you with your content creation. the higher the quality the more engagement you will receive.

1. Optimize for Mobile

The use of mobile devices to digest video has been steadily increasing over recent years. Consider how many times you have used your phone to surf the web and it is more than likely on a daily basis, which means so is your audience. Almost 60% of LinkedIn users are via the mobile app. The days of desktop web browsing are becoming outdated so we need to make sure all of our video content is optimized for mobile use.

Make sure you use the correct formats and file sizes. Be careful not to share too large of a file for this could result in frustration of someone is watching on their cellular network. Also, don’t forget the captions! Many users will mute the audio on their device while watching in a public place so adding closed captions makes your video accessible and user-friendly.

2. Short and Sweet

The attention span of a human is much shorter than it used to be. With this in mind, you need to ensure that your video content is short and to the point. People are way too busy or distracted to invest too much time in watching a lengthy video on social media. For example, in 2017 the average length of a video was 3 minutes and 48 seconds. However, only 10 seconds of this was actually watched.

The best way to prevent the bounce rate is to keep your videos short and to the point. Get to the important content right away, usually within the first six seconds to keep the attention of the viewer. Remember that there is a 10 minute maximum duration for videos on LinkedIn.

3. Back Links

We all know the value of getting as many eyes and viewers on your video marketing content as possible. Promoting your content elsewhere on the platform can help to achieve this. Remember what you have posted and if you talk about something relevant in another post make sure tolling back to it.

For example, you could write a post or even transcribe your video and publish it to a post with your video content embedded. Then use other social media channels to drive more traffic back to your content.

Content is king… but promotion is queen!

4. Professional Approach

LinkedIn is a platform built for professionals — but then you already know that by now. So creating and sharing low quality videos made on the cheap will not float with this audience. For you to make your videos seem more professional you should consider hiring a professional video production company to create your video content. Bringing in experts that have access to the right equipment for filming, audio recording and lighting will help you get your message across in the right way.

There are obvious benefits to using LinkedIn for your video marketing, and done correctly, your business could be the next to benefit. 

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