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Repeat business through the use of video

Saturday, June 6, 2020 4:51 PM

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Every successful business has benefitted from repeat customers. There is no substitute for loyalty and your regular, long-standing clients that keep coming back are ones that should be valued. This means that you need to display your appreciation for their loyalty and in return this will mean more business and referrals. In our opinion, referrals are the very best kind of new business.

Always remember to say thanks

Creating a simple video message that delivers a genuine message of thanks will show you care about your customers and make you more memorable. Another useful way to solidify client relationships is to create a personalized video that can be used before or after the sale. All of these will result in future recommendations and referrals.

Customer service - above all else

If your customers ever have the need to contact you with a question, make sure it is a positive experience for them. You could create a series of helpful instructional videos to assist them in resolving any issues they may have.

Damage control

Running a business is not all smooth sailing and the time will come when you will have to handle a crisis situation. It is how you handle it and reach out to your customer base, shareholders and media that will determine if your business survives. For instance, a video message from the CEO is the best method of reassuring your customers.

video production edmonton repeat business customer service

Like that? Then you’ll love this!

Retaining existing customers is much easier than trying to find new ones and one way of retaining customers who have already purchased is to tell them about the other similar products or services they could buy. Produce a video that shows them the features and aspects of your other products/services.

Getting the best out of your new product

Consider creating a post-sales video to let your customer know that you still care. Perhaps you could share tips on using the product to assist them in maximizing the potential of their latest purchase. A customer who is excited about their new gadget is more likely to recommend it to others, resulting in new sales for you!

Seasons greetings

Creating a special video message featuring all of your staff may not result in sales but if done correctly will let your customer know that you care about them.

Encouraging upgrades

Part of the post-sales follow up could be to create a video that encourages the customer to upgrade to more features. Alternatively, it is also a good idea to create a customer testimonial video. Seeing a real person talk about how your product or service has helped them will only boost future sales.

Continuing sales

If your industry relies on consumables that need replenishing on a regular basis then you can create videos that help you sell more product and replacement parts. Video can be used effectively and act as aa reminder for the client to keep ordering from you. If you offer a loyalty program or periodical sales, these can be added into this type of video.

Get the news out there

Publicizing news-worthy events is another effective way to generate leads and interest in your organization. Creating a press release and circulating it to news outlets can be a challenge as it depends on how busy the news day is as to whether you get the coverage you are looking for.

Post-sales marketing is just as important as pre-sales. Building on your existing customer base is a great way to succeed. A happy client is more likely to come back or share their experience with others. Creating a regular video campaign such as these mentioned here will help consolidate your brand and strengthen relationships with your customers.

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