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The Best Online Video Platforms

Friday, June 12, 2020 9:27 AM

With just over 80% of internet traffic originating from online video, it’s obvious that there is great value for businesses and organizations to utilize quality video content. One thing that gets forgotten, though, is the distribution and delivery of this content. To ensure your video reaches the right audience and gain impressions is to make it available to everyone and share it online. In this blog post we recommend the best platforms to use when distributing your video content. Let’s begin with the obvious choice, YouTube…


With over 300 hours of video content uploaded to the platform every minute, it is without a doubt the first choice of all online video platforms. Through YouTube, you can a broader audience of 18 to 49-year olds than any of the cable networks. Its viewer numbers are steadily increasing by up to 60% each year so there are no concerns that your videos aren’t being seen by anyone. YouTube covers a broad subject base for its content, anything from fun, educational, informal and business-related to anything under entertainment.


Not as popular as YouTube, but still has around 170 million viewers each month, is Vimeo. This has always been more of a niche platform that caters to the professional video creator or business. Users from the creative community, theatre, businesses and professional video production companies form the core group of users. It is gaining in popularity and its purchase of Livestream signifies how serious this brand is about video content. It has a very engaged and supportive community of users and is a very viable alternative to YouTube.


It goes without saying that Facebook is the most popular social media platform, and love it or hate it, you can’t ignore the huge audience it has waiting to watch your video content. If you already own a business page on Facebook then the best thing you can do is generate and share quality video content through this outlet. Your business page followers already have an interest in what you are offering so solidifying this with video content will gain you more viewers as people like, comment and share, leading to an increase in viewers, followers and ultimately new customers.


Appealing to Generation Z’s and Millennials, Instagram is the most popular social media platform among the younger generation. If your brand is actively targeting this group, then increasing your presence on Instagram is essential. Using video is the best way to achieve this. Recently it launched IGTV to accommodate longer videos leaving Instagram to host shorter, 60 second videos. The more fun, entertaining and appealing the video content, the better it will perform on this platform.


If you are aiming your video content towards a more professional business-oriented market then LinkedIn is the place to be. It is a vast network of professional people employed across a broad spectrum of industries. This environment is best suited to more serious, business-related video content. Having upwards of 20 million users worldwide, all working in different professions, makes it an ideal place to share testimonial videos, recruitment videos, branding and company profile videos.

Your own website 

Displaying high quality video content produced by a professional video production company shows your customers that you are a serious company with a brand that wants to provide its clients with the best possible service. As well as sharing video via all of the established video sharing platforms you must also have it front and centre on your website or blog. It goes a long way to retain visitors on your website and increases the credibility and trustworthiness of your brand.

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