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Instagram Video for Business - Part Three: Instagram Live, IGTV and Instagram Ads

Thursday, July 30, 2020 9:03 PM

To conclude our series on the use of video on the Instagram platform in this post we are going to cover Instagram Live Video, IGTV and Instagram Video Ads.

Instagram Live Video

Here are some useful tips to help you get started with Instagram Live video.

Live videos on the Instagram platform have a limitation of one hour in length, (Instagram always gives you advanced warning when your time is almost up). If, for instance, you want top exceed the one hour time restriction then you can begin another live broadcast immediately. This will promptly issue another notification that you have resumed your live video and your audience can continue watching.

When you are broadcasting live with Instagram it is best to keep a vertical aspect ratio as with ‘Instagram Stories’ to avoid confusing the viewing audience. If you decide to go live with a friend at the same time then your streams will appear on top of the other in a split screen style layout.

IGTV Video

If you are not aware of IGTV, this is Instagram’s standalone app for hosting longer videos. You can also access it through the Instagram app by selecting the ‘IGTV’ button in the upper right corner of the in-app feed. IGTV makes it easy for viewers to discover new content as well as allowing them to see videos from content creators they already follow. Instagram also curates videos based on the user and their preferences/interests. You can reach new viewers and extend your audience thanks to IGTV as Instagram adds videos to the ‘Explore’ page and displaying previews in people’s feeds.

Initially, IGTV was intended as a portrait mode video channel but it now supports landscape video, too. The current aspect ratios for IGTV are 9:16 for the vertical format and 16:9 for the landscape format. All files should be formatted to MP4 and be 720p in resolution as a minimum.

You can create educational videos that teach customers a new skill or master one of your products. You can convert common questions and user feedback into video form to help educate your viewers. A great idea is to make them into a series, that way you can engage your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Video Ads

As with all of the other social networks you can take things to the next level and purchase paid promotion to increase conversions and give extra leverage to your brand. 

Instagram has two different kinds of paid promotion and they are — In-feed video ads and Stories ads. Both of these will increase conversions and in turn grow your follower base. 

These video ads can be in pure video form, or animated explainer style. Either way you need to make sure that you have good quality imagery, audio and captions or animated text. These ads have a maximum run time of up to 60 seconds in length so keep all of this in mind when you are planning your campaign.

Again, it is always wise to consult with a professional video production company to assist with the creation of your video content. 

We can work with you to create the best possible video content for your Instagram feed that bring the right results your way. For further information or to discuss your video production requirements give Andy Holt a call on 780-907-1445 and he will be happy to advise you.