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Video Marketing for Non-Profits

Monday, July 6, 2020 9:21 PM

We have years of experience creating videos for non-profit organizations across Canada. Not every non-profit has a budget to spend on video marketing but those that do, eventually see a great ROI when a video is professionally produced. 

Also, not every non-profit has a marketing team with the skill set to plan for video production. If that is the case, don’t worry, we can look after everything from start to finish. As a skilled and experienced video production company we take the time to fully understand your needs and develop video content that will not only market your organization but bring an increase in donations. 

The use of video can tell the story of your non-profit, convey the impact your organization has on the community and tug at the emotions of the audience in a way no amount of written text can achieve. We can develop an effective video that will be both engaging and affordable.

Non-profit video marketing strategies

Long-term strategies for video content are an essential part of the plan. Here are some useful points you can treat as a production checklist when preparing to develop your strategy.

What are your objectives?

Do you want to obtain a broader reach? Do you want to attract new employees? Or do you want to increase awareness and donors? Whatever your needs may be, it is better to concentrate on one at time than attempt to cover everything in one video. However, a successfully produced video made to reach a wider audience could also increase donors at the same time. 

Tell a story

The medium of video is able to tell stories better than any other online platform. It is a great way to appeal to the emotions of an audience. Always include interviews with real people such as volunteers and beneficiaries. Their accounts of how your organization has benefitted them will build an instant connection with the viewer. By influencing the emotions of the audience in this way you can guarantee they will respond positively to your call to action.

Facts and figures

The use of statistics are an integral part of engaging the audience and just as important as tugging at the emotions. Simple statistics that display how there is a need for your non-profit in the community will educate the viewer on the importance of donating and how their support will make a difference.

Sharing and re-sharing

We have talked about the importance of businesses sharing video content on social media, well, the same applies to non-profits. In order to gain the results you are looking for you will need to share and re-share your video on all social media platforms. Hopefully, it will get re-shared by your audience resulting in a greater reach and an increase in awareness and donations. This is how more people will learn of the great work you are doing in the community.

In conclusion 

Having a solid video marketing plan in place will benefit every non-profit, as will engaging in the services of a competent video production company to create the video content to bring that return on investment. 

The costs of hiring a professional video production company may be more expensive than adding content to a website but the return on investment will make it all worthwhile in the long run. 

We can work with you to create the best possible video content for your non-profit that bring the right results your way. For further information or to discuss your video production requirements give Andy Holt a call on 780-907-1445 and he will be happy to advise you.