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What Exactly is Video Marketing?

Thursday, July 16, 2020 7:31 PM

The strategic use of video content in the promotion of services, products and organizations is what we call video marketing. It has gained enormous popularity over recent years because let’s face it, people love watching videos! This is mainly because videos capture attention and retain the interest of the viewer way more than alternative methods of advertising. Videos are extremely good at delivering messages and information as well as converting sales. All of this is achieved in a short space of time making it easier for people to understand. 

Videos are the perfect medium for digital promotion from social media through to email marketing. Since the global pandemic still has its grip on the world it is even more crucial for businesses to utilize video marketing in order to spread the word on their product or service and remain competitive.

There are a multitude of benefits to the use of video marketing and they are as follows: 

SEO Ranking

That all important Google ranking can be given a healthy boost just by using video in your marketing plans. Increasing your SEO rankings by using video with the right keywords and meta data will help people discover your company and increase brand awareness.


There is nothing more appealing than a video that is engaging. It can inform and educate the viewer in ways that print media does not. After watching a well produced video the viewer will retain more information and understanding of your brand/product/service than any amount of copy.


It is proven that video marketing boosts the conversion rates of any company or organization that uses it as part of their marketing plan. Videos retain visitors on your website and social media platforms, and will encourage engagement resulting in the increase of sales. 

User Experience

Build a connection between your company and your viewers. Personalize the video content to build trust and connections between you and your customers. You can address any issues that your customers have experienced by using the video medium to create a response that shows you care.

A Variety of Uses for Video Marketing

There are many different kinds of videos you can build into your marketing plan. Here is a brief selection of video content you can consider…

Brand Awareness

Tell the story of your brand by covering the mission, vision and objectives of your organization and the reasons behind its growth. This type of video marketing helps the viewer gain a deeper understanding of your business in return builds more of a personal connection.


Showcase Videos

Thus type of video can be used to give the viewer an overview of your products and/or services. These are usually aimed at potential customers to give them a better idea of your range of services or products.


What better way than creating a testimonial video that uses an existing customer to persuade other potential buyers to head your way. They are more inclined to purchase from you once they have seen how happy others are.


As an alternative to those FAQ sections on your website, how about recording some FAQs in video form and post them for all to see.

Demonstration Videos

If you have products to sell, create a demonstration video to give the viewer a clearer picture of how to use them. 

Live videos

The use of live video online has increased in popularity over the past 10 years and, even more so, the recent spike due to the coronavirus has resulted in a prolific use of the medium. From full scale webinars and live-streamed conferences to live video on social media, the choices are endless. Nowadays, pretty much every social media app has a variation of a live video offering. You have to decide on your audience before you consider which live video path to take.

Brand culture

Did you know that people are more interested in your company than just the products or services you provide? Producing a video that conveys the personality of your organization can show the viewer that the culture of your brand is genuine and will result in stronger connections and increased loyalty of your client base.

Corporate Event videos 

If your organization is involved with the production of live events and conferences then maybe consider creating a video that takes your audience behind the scenes of an event. You could have interviews with keynote speakers, delegates and trade show sponsors. Videos like this can go a long way in promoting your next event and generating interest in your brand.

Develop a Video Marketing Strategy

How to develop a simple video marketing strategy:

1.   What is the purpose of your video. Once you have decided on this, you can move ahead with planning the strategy

2.   Script development — plan the outline content and script

3.   Think about everything you need to pull it together — props, equipment, locations etc.

4.   Engage in the services of a professional video production company to assist in the correct lighting, cameras and audio equipment

5. Begin filming

6. Editing and post-production

7. Determine the distribution methods of the video content and then create a plan of execution

By hiring a video production company you will guarantee that you will get the most out of your video marketing efforts. 

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