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Why you should be updating your video content

Thursday, January 28, 2021 12:03 PM

Most of you by now realize the importance of video content in your online marketing strategy. What is equally important is the continuity of this content. You can use one video to promote your company, products and services, but the benefits of regular video updates are exponential. In this post we will outline the benefits of continually augmenting your video content.

Instant video formats

Online video sharing platforms such as Instagram Stories are time-sensitive and the content usually disappears after about 24 hours. This ‘expiring’ format is gaining a substantial amount of popularity. However, due to the fact that the content disappears means that you need to constantly keep it updated in order to maintain interest and generate any returns within the 24 hour window.


Video trends are constantly changing as we see new apps and platforms appear out of the blue. The habits of consumers and viewers of your video content will change in accordance with this. Videos you created 12 months ago will still be relevant but may need to be updated to fit with the new platform style. The best way to keep ahead of changing trends is to continue making fresh content that is relevant and will provide the best return on investment (ROI).

Test your video content

If you are producing video content on a regular basis then you have an opportunity to test it. A great way to do this is to perform an A/B Test, also known as a Bucket Test or a Split Test. This works in comparing two versions of an app, video or webpage and determines which performs better. There are numerous third-party services online that will assist with conducting an A/B Test. Once you have the data and analysis you will be able to adjust your content accordingly.

Maximizing the reach

Another way to work on the strategies outlined here is to have your video production company produce different versions of your video content. This eliminates the need to continually produce new content each month. If your production company produces variations of each video such as; 15 second, 30 second, 60 second and 90 second cuts of your videos or even pull out shorter clips from your longer testimonial videos. You can post and share these at different times and monitor to see which versions perform the best. All of these can be optimized for the different platforms.

What next?

Video content is not a one-off exercise, or something to forget about once you have made on video. It is a constantly changing market out there no matter what industry sector you are in. Add to this the challenges of COVID-19 and you have to adapt to stay relevant. If you are deterred from making regular video content and find the whole process to be overwhelming, enlist the services of a video production company to help you build a library of creative and engaging video content. You will eventually reap the rewards and your online presence will be boosted by these regular video updates.

If you would like to discuss your video production requirements in more detail, then please feel free to call Andy Holt on 780-907-1445 to arrange a mutually convenient no obligation telephone call or Zoom meeting.