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Improve your business and hire a video production company

Thursday, February 18, 2021 5:05 PM

The ability to make our own video content has become easier thanks to the smartphone. This handy little device in your pocket can turn out some impressive looking videos. We all know by now that a company that invests in video production has a greater credibility with its customer base. The convenience and availability of the smartphone has made life easier for marketers in creating home made sales videos.

Before reaching for your pocket production tool, consider the following points that are important in creating a successful video…

Are you capable of creating the best video possible?

Nowadays people are very savvy and can tell a good video apart from a bad one. In order to stand out from your competition you will have to make the capital investment in producing a video by hiring an established video production company. This will guarantee that your video will be of the highest quality.

Your video is the first contact some people will have with your organization so you need it to be a positive one. In order to be impactful you need to keep the duration short and the message on point. The production value achieved by the professional videographer will help draw in new clients. 

There are some things that a smartphone cannot do. For instance, video is a very complex medium with a multitude of factors that affect the outcome and final quality. A great deal of negative impact can be brought about if a video is poorly produced. The image of a company can be adversely affected if any aspect of the production is not up to par. For instance, lighting is key, and different types of lighting can impact the final shot in many ways. A professional video production company can control their lighting and expose their cameras accordingly to achieve the best results. Most people like plenty of sunlight in their videos, and this is a misconception as the sun is a variable light source and quite often changes in density. 

Audio is equally important. There is nothing more irritating than trying to watch a video with poor audio quality. Mastering audio is even more difficult than lighting, especially when there are so many things that affect it out of your control. Audio engineers know exactly how to reduce background noise bleeding into the main track, and in some cases they are capable to remove it altogether. They also have the right equipment with which to properly record any audio source, from microphones that isolate the voice to multi-track field recorders. 

Visual appeal is the most obvious aspect of a video and is often the first thing to be noticed by the viewer. A professional video production company has both the expertise and artistry to frame a subject the right way and compose a visually aesthetic scene. Videographers are also great storytellers, with a wealth of experience in editing and understanding different audiences they instinctively know how to craft the perfect story. During the editing process they time the shots to create the best impact and mixed with emotive b-roll footage you can be assured of a top class production.

Why would you consider taking on extra work and producing your own videos in your spare time from the side of your desk? This will only result in unnecessary frustration and stress. For guaranteed success, hire a professional. 

If you would like to discuss your video production requirements in more detail, then please feel free to call Andy Holt on 780-907-1445 to arrange a mutually convenient no obligation telephone call or Zoom meeting.