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Video Marketing Statistics for 2021

Wednesday, February 10, 2021 12:54 PM

So, 2021 is finally here. It seems like 2020 took forever to go away. One more thing that isn’t going away (no, not COVID) is video. Video is on a roll and is maintaining its grip on all forms of marketing. 

Us humans are very visual by nature, and typically prefer video content handed to us that have to read through paragraphs of text. Video is far more memorable and engaging and marketers have been utilizing this in campaigns over recent years. If you want to get your story, brand or message out there then video is the way to go. In fact it is a necessary component of all forms of online promotion these days, especially if you need the conversions rates and exposure it brings. 

There is a multitude of different types of video content to consider, such as; animated explainer videos, tutorials, product support, webinars, testimonials from customers, live streams, mini documentaries, ads and social media videos. The choice is endless.

Here are some stats to quantify the use of video in your marketing strategy;

Video consumption on mobile devices increases by 100% each year as we see the trend towards people preferring to watch videos on their mobile devices.

YouTube has become the next most popular website after Google.

Facebook predicts that its platform will eventually become all video and no text.

80% of people watch video content on a weekly basis with 60% watching online videos each day.

Over 80% of businesses utilize video in their marketing strategies.

75% of people would rather watch an online video than regular television.

Over a billion hours of content is consumed each day on YouTube with a staggering one million minutes of video passing through the internet every second.

60% of corporate executives watch videos in preference of reading text.

Video content enables the viewer to retain almost 95% of the information compared to around 10% if they were to read the text.

It is a well known fact that consumers would much prefer to learn about a new product or service from watching a video.

Over 90% of viewers share video content on their mobile devices with peers.

By the time we reach 2022, internet traffic will consist of over 80% of video content. 

Social Video

You will have noticed that social networks have become very video oriented, as we see Instagram offering video specific areas such as IGTV, Reels and Stories. TikTok is largely responsible for video-centric social media consumption. Its platform is built entirely around video sharing.

Here are some social media video statistics;

65% of people with a problem to solve go straight to YouTube in the hopes of finding an answer. With almost 2 billion users, YouTube commands about one third of the internet.

Over 50% of social media posts that have video content garner the most views.

90% of video views on Twitter originate from mobile devices.

Facebook Stories have taken off and over 60% of users expressed interest in a product or service after seeing it on the platform. It has over 75 million daily visitors with 8 billion video views each day. It makes sense that this is the most popular platform with social media marketers and over 80% of businesses have a preference for Facebook as their channel of choice.

TikTok is following close behind with over 1 billion daily views of its video content.

LinkedIn is increasing in popularity with business-related video content and campaigns gaining 50% view rates.

Video ads on mobile devices account for around 75% of the total digital ad spend.

Social video gains a staggering 1200% more shares than any text or image content.

Video marketing statistics

The power that video content has in your marketing strategy is phenomenal. If you need to give your promotion and sales a boost then you can’t go wrong with video! Here are some more stats to back this up;

Video content attracts 300% more traffic to your website and is more likely to reach the first page of Google if it has video embedded on its landing page. This type of video content increases your conversion rate by 80%.

With over 50% of consumers looking for videos that relate to a product or service before committing to buy, it makes sense to target this market with engaging and informative content.

Organic searches to a website are increased by over 150% if it has video content. There is a greater ROI and over 60% of business executives have visited websites with video and contacted the marketer directly after watching the sales and promotional video.

Overall, the viewer will spend on average an extra 3 times longer on a page with video content.

Did you know that adding video content to your email marketing campaigns increases the click rate by over 300%?

Best practices

Video marketing is extremely powerful. But there are some things you need to consider before jumping in and producing your next big campaign.

Keep it short and sweet. Videos that are around 2 minutes in duration gain the most views and engagement.

Think about using captions. Many Facebook videos are watched without any sound as they are consumed in an environment such as public transit, crowded areas, restaurants, bars, social gatherings and in bed while your partner is asleep. With this in mind, open or closed captioning is your best option. 

On the other side of the coin, Instagram Stories and TikTok videos are mainly watched with the sound on. So consideration to these factors needs to be taken on board as you create your videos.

This might be too much to take in all at once, but that is where a professional video production company can help. We can assist you at each step of your video marketing and work alongside you to create the best possible content for your brand.

If you would like to discuss your video production requirements in more detail, then please feel free to call Andy Holt on 780-907-1445 to arrange a mutually convenient no obligation telephone call or Zoom meeting.