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Don’t let video be an afterthought

Thursday, March 4, 2021 5:00 PM

Sometimes when building a marketing plan, video content can be somewhat of an afterthought. This can be as a result of limited budgets, resources or even a lack of creative planning. If the constraints of a limited budget prevent you from implementing a full strategy, then quite often it is video that gets cut in order to save money. If you think that video content as an add-on rather than of significant value, then your digital campaign could suffer as a result of this.

Attention Span

Nowadays people have developed very limited attention spans and consequently have a difficult time reading through text or navigating their way through your website. This is where video comes into play. A short video of between 3 minutes in duration is the perfect way to promote your business. Statistics show that over 505 of digital marketers prefer video marketing and they believe it has the best ROI compared with other forms of content delivery.

The best thing about videos is that they are dynamic content rather than a static piece of text in a magazine or on a web page. This makes them instantly engaging and can, in the space of a couple of minutes, convert the viewer into making a purchase or commitment to your brand. This, compared with traditional print media is a lot faster, and let’s face it, distinctly memorable.


Make Video Essential

If you want to achieve high level results with your online marketing strategy then video content must be an essential component. If you are looking to reach a broader audience and capture their attention while at the same time reinforcing your brand awareness, then video is the way to go. It should be at the top of every company’s list of priorities when developing digital marketing campaigns. 

Put Video Into Action

There is no time like the present to include video in your marketing. In this often faceless world the use of video will bring your company a whole new visual identity that potential customers can relate to an engage with. Even if you already have a well-established web presence, the correct use of video can help support your organization in a variety of ways. Maybe it’s an introductory video, a documentary or simple product demo, they can all contribute greatly to your ROI.

We can not only help you produce your video to the highest standards but we can also assist with the planning of your video marketing strategy. For a no obligation consultation and to discuss your video production requirements in more detail, call Andy Holt on 780-907-1445 today.