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Tips for enhancing your conversion marketing strategy with video landing pages

Saturday, October 28, 2023 12:01 PM

The way you present information online matters in the digital world. Customers demand distinctive, interesting touchpoints, especially when they're gathering data for a potential purchase. They won't accept just any digital experience.

Despite the fact that landing pages are a traditional format for sales material, video landing pages customize the user experience for modern consumers. What precisely are video landing pages, then?

Video Landing Pages: What Are They?

A video landing page is, as you may guess, a landing page that emphasizes video content. Some video landing pages just contain video, while others also include the typical text and image-based content you'd find on a conventional landing page to complement the video content.

What is the end goal? To encourage visitors to perform a certain action, such as signing up for a webinar, purchasing a product, or subscribing to a newsletter. Video landing pages are more concerned with delivering a specific pitch than developing a long-term relationship because conversion is the desired outcome.

On a video landing page, the video itself is the most crucial component, but a crystal-clear CTA is also crucial. Customers won't know what to do next even if they view the entire movie if you don't point them in the right path. A crystal-clear call to action (CTA) makes sure you're actually getting all the conversions your video brings in.

Now that we have a clear understanding of what video is, let's look more closely at why it is so important for conversion marketing.

Video's Influence on Conversion Marketing

Driving your audience to take action is the main goal of conversion marketing. The majority of the time, that action entails a successful purchase.

Video is excellent for a variety of marketing objectives, but it works particularly well to move customers to the top of your marketing funnel. When a customer is on the verge of making a purchase, video is the ideal medium to communicate with them. This is understandable given that convincing them to submit payment can be difficult.

There are a number of factors that contribute to this influence, but at its foundation, it all comes down to the fact that video can offer a richer experience than text or images by itself. The dynamic aspect of video is essential, whether it does so to assist the viewer relate to your brand, comprehend what your product or service truly performs, or simply make them pause for a little longer while the video keeps them on the page.

Conversion statistics support these assertions: In a different response, another 87% of marketers claim that video content has boosted dwell time on their website while 87% said that it has assisted them in increasing sales. Both statistics are potent when used on video landing sites!

3 advantages to using video landing pages

The advantages of video over a conventional text-based landing page are as follows. Why we prefer the video versions is as follows:

Streamlining Complicated Goods or Services

A video can condense difficult ideas or demonstrations into a manageable, digestible style. For instance, a brief film demonstrates a technological tool more effectively than 500 lines of text. Video helps people understand almost all types of products and services better than text or other media alone.

An astounding 96% of consumers have viewed explainer videos to understand more about a product or service, as an example.

Optimizing User Experience

Videos provide viewers with a quick, interesting way to consume content while their attention spans are getting shorter. Longer page visits, decreased bounce rates, and an improved user experience are the results of doing this.

Making Genuine Connections

Last but not least, video gives businesses a chance to reveal their more human aspects. Video content gives the impression that the brand and the viewer are actually in contact, which helps generate trust and a relationship over time.

Sectors that Stand to Gain the Most from Video Landing Pages

Some industries are more suited to profit from video landing pages than others because they all function slightly differently. For the majority of our clients, we advise creating video landing pages, but if you work in one of these four sectors, the video format will probably be more effective.

Retail and online shopping

Videos showcasing products are ideal for e-commerce landing pages. Why? They're created to showcase use cases and important features in a succinct (and memorable!) fashion, showcasing the best of what your product has to offer.

A movie provides viewers with an effective grasp of whether a product will fulfill their needs rather than reading a list of product specifications or viewing product photographs. If so, they can skip the rest of your website and go straight to conversion without wasting any time.

Real Estate

For slightly different reasons, video landing pages work well for real estate. Agents may employ video landing pages for virtual tours and property walkthroughs because real estate is so property-focused.

The video landing page is the ideal introduction for everyone with passing curiosity rather than driving every potential customer to the real site. Without taking up the agent's time with an awkward space, clients can choose to visit the property in person if they like what they see.

Agents receive more inquiries as a consequence of the more interesting property page, and when potential buyers do schedule a tour, they are more likely to complete the transaction.

One of the most effective sectors for video landing pages is education. Putting videos of course content on a landing page might assist potential students decide if the course is suited for them because course content lends itself particularly well to video capturing.

The content preview prevents students from committing to a course or instructor that isn't quite what they're searching for, regardless of whether the film is brief and charming or it acts as a whole mini-lesson of its own. Additionally, if they become accustomed to the mini-lesson, they will need to convert in order to continue where they left off.

Wellness and Health

Testimonials are a major source of revenue for health and wellness businesses, and video testimonials are even more persuasive. The video format feels more genuine and authentic than static images or a brief testimonial quotation when potential customers are seeking for before-and-after content or want to hear about someone else's success.

One of the biggest challenges facing the industry is establishing trust with potential customers, therefore it only makes sense to use video to your little advantage.

The Best Ways to Make Video Landing Pages

It's crucial to customize your production to the placement on your landing page because not all videos are created with conversion in mind. Here are some suggestions to help your video be even more impactful.

Regular Messaging

Since your video will be included in a larger landing page, it's critical that it contribute logically to the information flow. Start by making sure that the main ideas you emphasize in the video coincide with those you emphasize throughout the rest of the landing page. You definitely don't want viewers to be left with confusing information!

Then, think about how your video may add to and complement the context that is already present on the rest of the page. Considering that the video will probably receive the most engagement, make sure you're treating it right!

Mobile Enhancement

Next, check to see that your landing page and video are both mobile-friendly. The main thing to look out for in your video is extremely little on-screen text. When in doubt, keep with large writing for your important points because what would appear fair on a desktop can become challenging to read on a mobile device.

To accommodate a range of devices and screen sizes, make sure the rest of the landing page's design is mobile responsive. Mobile users can't be an afterthought because the majority of shoppers use them in their searches!

Testing A/B

Last but not least, keep in mind that your video landing page is still a work in progress. You may always experiment with various video formats, lengths, CTAs, landing page layouts, and other elements. You'll keep improving your landing page's conversion rate as you experiment with the finest combinations. The data is on your side.

Final Reflections

If you're still utilizing the same image-and-text formula for your landing pages, take this as your invitation to give video a try. Video landing pages are here to stay. The more you give the process your all, the more probable it is that you'll eventually notice an increase in conversions.

We'd be happy to help you through the process if you need assistance with your landing page video strategy.  If you would like to find out how we can assist your company with its video marketing strategy, please call Andy Holt on 780-907-1445 for a free, no obligation meeting or telephone call.

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