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Maintaining Video at the Core of Your Marketing Strategy

Wednesday, November 1, 2023 9:57 AM

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One-dimensional marketing strategies are a thing of the past. Today's marketers need to cast a wider net rather than trying out a few different channels, focusing on the one with the best return on investment, and then waiting for the results to come in. There are countless platforms and channels to be aware of, and many of them are crucial to the modern digital environment.

Making the most of a multi-channel approach is crucial, even with the complex situation that most marketers find themselves in. Here's where video becomes useful. Video is ideally suited to produce outcomes on the majority of digital channels, platforms, and placements. It merits a spot in your lineup whether it has a leading or supporting role.

Comprehending Multi-Channel Promotion

Engaging consumers and prospects using a range of direct and indirect communication channels is known as multi-channel marketing. These platforms, which span from web to conventional print advertising, give organizations the chance to connect with their target market wherever they are.

Multi-channel marketing is fundamentally about reaching out to your audience where they are. The objective is the same whether you reach out to customers via billboard advertisements or email newsletters: captivate and convert.

Through establishing these relationships across several channels, preferably with unified message, brands may broaden their audience, enhance interaction, and eventually boost conversion rates.

The Marketing Potential of Videos

Although the majority of brands understand the importance of video content, many fail to take advantage of the chance to use video in a variety of channels. Usually, this results in haphazard attempts that weaken the impact of the video material itself.

Video content should be a priority in every marketing strategy, regardless of where it fits in. Video can be an extremely effective tool for communicating brand stories, breaking down difficult subjects, and even showcasing customer testimonials when you take the time to incorporate it into your strategy and create content tailored to each platform.

Put another way, as long as you start your production with those objectives in mind, video may serve any position you need it to in your marketing funnel. When you initially start using video marketing, there is a learning curve, just as with other strategies. It's critical to comprehend your target market, their preferred forms of media, the locations at which they watch video, and how to organize your production to achieve those goals.

When in doubt, seek assistance from a seasoned video producing business! Expert teams are prepared to help you through the process and ensure that the final result precisely matches your multi-channel objectives.

Important Social Media Channels for Video Integration Platforms

Videos predominate on websites like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Videos can be used by brands to give behind-the-scenes glimpses, highlight their products, or even host live sessions to interact with their audience.

Strategic preparation, inventiveness, and sincerity are all necessary when producing video content for social media sites. The goal of creating content for your audience that inspires engagement and resonates with them should be the main focus for organic reach. Including user-generated content can help increase the legitimacy of the content and encourage more natural shares and conversations.

When using paid techniques, be sure your video content has a specific goal in mind, such as increasing sales, lead generation, or brand visibility. Your production should start with a clear understanding of your purpose, which should guide every decision you make, from your hook to your CTA.

Landing Pages and Websites

Deepening the sales funnel for prospective clients is a terrific way to use video on your website and landing pages. These video placements can be used to showcase products, include client endorsements, or even tell the background of your company.

Video on these owned channels is very effective in capturing viewers' attention. Most customers will choose to watch a little movie over reading a full screen of product features. This increases the likelihood that your most crucial material will be seen by your target audience. Your site's bounce rate and sales team will appreciate it!

Email Promotion

Although it presents a greater technical hurdle, using video in email marketing is still a worthwhile tactic if you put in the work. Above all, ensure that any video content you use is consistent with the main point and objective of your email campaign. Next, attach an eye-catching thumbnail or GIF preview of the movie that links to the full version of the video, rather than embedding the entire video straight inside the email—which many email providers don't support or would consider spam.

Last but not least, make sure your emails are optimized for mobile, especially if they contain rich content like videos. A mobile-responsive design is essential for a flawless experience because many subscribers will view your email on a mobile device before seeing it on a desktop, if at all.

Advertisement at Cost

The last component of your multi-channel marketing approach is a video advertisement. Numerous platforms, streaming services, and even broadcast TV are available for insertion.

Early in the production process, make sure you are aware of your media buying strategy, as every placement has unique requirements and best practices. The better your video content matches the ad placement, the more beneficial it is!

Techniques for Integrating Videos Easily

Are you prepared to use video across all of your marketing platforms? These two guidelines are crucial to remember.

Planning Content

Your marketing strategy will need more foresight to keep everything in line the more channels it uses. Avoid attempting to use multi-channel video assets in the impromptu campaign scheduled for next week. Instead, to get the process started early, try planning a few months (or quarters!) in advance.

Establishing the campaign's overall images, messaging, and marketing goals is crucial before you ever begin filming. The video element can then be brought to life with the aid of storyboarding, screenplay, and an excellent production crew.

Uniformity Throughout Channels

Similar to this, your video content should always convey the voice, tone, and aesthetic of your business, independent of the distribution channel. When your brand is consistent with what your customer is seeing on other platforms, it enhances brand recall.

Start Now

Get in touch with our team at A-Squared Communications if your multi-channel marketing plan is prepared for video! Our production staff is skilled at creating consistent messaging across multiple mediums while optimizing your content. If you would like to find out how we can assist your company with its video marketing strategy, please call Andy Holt on 780-907-1445 for a free, no obligation meeting or telephone call.

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