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Reasons Your Company Needs Video in 2024

Monday, November 27, 2023 3:00 PM

With video accounting for over 82% of all consumer internet traffic, video marketing is a digital tool that will not go away in 2024 and should be a key part of any marketing strategy.  Video is measurable, effective, and useful at any point in the marketing process. It can also provide insight into your sales and marketing strategy.

There are a variety of videos that your company and brand can make to draw in both new and repeat consumers. Videos are a great way to promote your goods and services and attract new clients.

The following are some justifications for your business to think about producing video content:

Strong marketing technique 

Video marketing is trusted by marketers and is a great way to expand your clientele and draw in new and repeat business. According to a source, 86% of marketing professionals use video, indicating that this is a medium that is gaining popularity among marketers. Most marketers claim that using video has directly increased sales, and 90% claim that it has increased website traffic—the most crucial outcome given that increasing website traffic is the primary goal of using video. Since your website is where clients may purchase your goods and services, it is important for marketers to direct traffic there.

Video content quickly establishes trust with customers. It gives your brand a nice personality and makes it easier for consumers to understand the individuals behind the company as well as the brand. This results in repeat business and referrals. Video has great power since it may emotionally engage your target audience with your brand. Developing these emotional connections will encourage more individuals to interact with the brand, and increasing brand likeability will increase the likelihood of gaining new clients.

The most important metric for determining whether the content you are creating is engaging is gaining a customer's approval for your video content; you also want to be able to maintain their interest longer so that you can communicate with them through your video. Watching the entire film will probably lead to a purchase from your brand because it will give it a more personal touch. 

Video increases sales and conversions

Product videos on landing pages have been shown to raise conversions by 80%, demonstrating the potent effect that marketing videos can have on your sales and conversion rates. Incorporating video on your landing pages will entice potential customers to learn more about what you have to offer, increasing the likelihood that they will make a purchase. Most people who browse through and watch explainer movies about a product or service end up purchasing it thereafter.

When a product or service is Googled, 70% of users are more inclined to watch any accompanying videos than not. Since video material is more convincing, buyers are more likely to make a purchase after seeing it, which makes it easier for your business to communicate with clients through video content. If you can effectively pitch your product or service, more people will decide to buy it. Additionally, consumers are more inclined to buy if the product or service has a video that goes with it.

Mobile users are attracted to videos

With the increasing number of people possessing smartphones, individuals are choosing to view videos on their phones rather than on TVs or PCs. More people are likely to visit your website if you produce high-quality videos that are tailored to be seen on smartphones. This makes it simpler for customers to find you and make purchases from you resulting in higher conversion rates and sales. Customers who watch videos on their phones are 1.4 times more likely to watch advertisements than those who watch videos on desktop computers or televisions. This indicates that if you make your video advertisements visible on mobile devices, you will receive more attention than if you only had them on television commercials.

Since mobile video gives viewers a more individualized experience, and because they feel more bonded to their devices, mobile consumers will become more trustworthy when viewing video material. Using social video can increase your chances of being promoted across various social media platforms since users will be more likely to share your content because it can produce up to 12 times as many shares as text and photos combined. This means that if your product or service contains video content that can be shared on social media, it has a greater chance of being noticed.

Google approves of videos

High-quality video content on a website increases its likelihood of appearing near the top of Google search results. This is because customers are more likely to stay on your website longer when there is video there, and customers are more likely to stay on your website when there is video that grabs their attention. A business article with video content has a 53% higher chance of appearing on page one of Google search results.

The stickiness factor is the length of time viewers spend watching a video. Search engines will value your content more and give your page a higher ranking the longer users stay on your page. This is crucial since the closer your display, the more probable it is that users will click on your material and visit your website, increasing your visibility. Your videos' captions are equally as significant as the content of the videos themselves. Because the captions contain terms that people will search for, they can raise your ranks.

Make sure you publish your videos to YouTube to expand your audience and increase viewing as it is the second most prominent search engine after Google. With 1.8 billion viewers on the video platform each month, it is imperative that you distribute your material if you want to increase the likelihood of finding new clients.

A video can clarify everything

Explainer videos are a popular way for clients to learn more about your products or services. Marketing campaigns can assist you in providing a succinct and understandable explanation through the use of video, particularly when employing animated content. This can be advantageous to all clients, since they are more likely to purchase a product or service if they can comprehend what is being offered and why it would benefit them.

An animated video can make a concept come to life by utilizing characters and moving imagery to aid in comprehension. This might not work for a live action video because the subject will be describing their job in a more formal setting, which viewers may find more uninteresting than someone speaking directly into the camera. A video provides a more intimate encounter; talking with your clients one-on-one will strengthen your rapport and educate them about what you do. Customers may be more likely to purchase and utilize what you are offering as a result of feeling a more personal connection.

Video marketing is a very effective tool that can guide customers through the buying process and increase brand awareness for your business. You can satisfy the wants of every customer with the variety of films you can make, but during the process, don't forget your ultimate marketing objective.

You should definitely consider producing more video content in 2024 since it can increase the effectiveness of your marketing. Any size business can produce video content; you don't need to have a huge budget to achieve what you want. If you would like to find out how we can assist your company with its video marketing strategy, please call Andy Holt on 780-907-1445 for a free, no obligation meeting or telephone call.