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The Advantages of Producing Video Content for Your Website

Sunday, November 19, 2023 11:18 AM

Video is an essential component of any marketing strategy since it is easily absorbed by audiences and leaves a lasting impression on all of their clients. According to a source, 55% of individuals watch videos in their entirety. This indicates that consumers are more likely to pay attention to and retain information from videos than from written content.

A compelling tale may convey a brand's complete essence in a brief amount of time, and stories have the power to persuade. Since the purpose of marketing videos is to spread awareness of a product or service, they must be convincing. Giving your customers what they want will encourage them to interact with your company more, as 54% of consumers prefer to see branded video content from businesses.

The following advantages are worth taking into account if you're considering creating any type of video marketing content:

Video affects purchasing decisions

Nowadays, when audiences are trying to decide what to buy, they head to YouTube to read more product reviews. This is because they want to see an honest assessment of the goods and services you are offering, as well as an insight into what other people are purchasing. Ninety percent of consumers claim that watching a product video aids in their decision-making process (source), as it provides them with a clear idea of what they are purchasing from the company and helps them decide whether the good or service is worthwhile. Since 64% of consumers say watching a video increases their likelihood of making a purchase (source), including explainer movies about your goods or services will encourage customers to make a purchase since they will be able to view them in person and from various perspectives.

With video, you may reach a wider audience more easily and demonstrate your offerings. According to 97% of marketers, video has improved consumer comprehension of their products or services (source). It will be much simpler for clients to comprehend and assimilate the information you provide about your product or service, enabling them to decide if they need it or not. Product demos are deemed beneficial by four out of five customers, indicating that audiences are seeking video material since it provides the most effective means of education and increases their likelihood of completing a purchase from you.

Rise in the search results

Any search engine will rank your website higher if it has video on it. How long a customer stays on your page after finding you through a Google search can affect where you show up in the results. According to 80% of marketers, video has increased visitors' dwell times on their websites (source). This is good news for your website because it will improve your search engine ranking the longer visitors stay on it. It's vital to keep in mind that transcriptions can be utilized by search engines to find relevant videos based on a search. By include keywords in your video content headings and descriptions, you increase the likelihood that search engines will rank your video higher.

Videos are excellent for generating organic traffic; selecting the appropriate platforms and producing attention-grabbing thumbnails will help you promote your video more and reach a larger audience. Customers want to be able to watch your video immediately; they don't want to sit through advertisements as they wait to watch it. Try to keep links and advertisements out of your videos. Making videos for your website will inspire people to spend more time on it by visiting the various pages, which will intrigue them more. According to a source, users who visit websites with videos spend 88% more time there.

More clients are seeing videos

Video is a considerably more entertaining and rapidly expanding form of communication. With 1.9 billion subscribers, Youtube is currently the second-largest search engine (source). Youtube has more viewers than most other search engines since it allows users to find videos on almost any topic. Since video content is the simplest way to learn, millions of consumers want to connect with brands through it, therefore producing video content puts you in front of a huge market. A growing number of people are using videos to communicate because they are simple to grasp and can explain everything. According to a source, 98% of users claim to have viewed an explainer video to understand more about a good or service. This demonstrates that it is a far more universally appealing approach.

There will be a lot more interaction once you've produced video content because consumers find watching a two-minute movie more engaging than reading a page of text, which is considerably more time-consuming and uninteresting. Additionally, people prefer watching videos over emails, social media updates, and blog articles. You can easily integrate video into everything your business does because it can be used on any device. This can increase your brand's chances of influencing consumers' decisions and helping them come to a different conclusion. Videos will also boost your social media shares, which are crucial for firms to get recognized by new customers. The more people who enjoy your content, the more social shares you will receive. If your posts are interesting to readers, you'll get more people to share them.

Observe current trends

These days, the most cutting-edge method of advertising your company is through video marketing. Consumers value companies that keep themselves informed about current events and developments in the industry. It demonstrates their desire to remain current and relevant in the eyes of their clientele. According to 64% of markets, using video is a successful approach for them (source). It has also helped them stay current with what their customers want and satisfy their demands, which is what all brands should be focusing on most.

Everyone can be engaged by video, which is growing in popularity and attracting even the most indolent consumers because people are too busy these days to read lengthy product descriptions and do their own research. Since everyone wants video and it will appeal to them regardless of how busy they are, it is crucial to stay up to date with today's industry. These days, there are a plethora of uses for videos. Viewers aren't content with a straightforward story; instead, they want true, realistic videos. Making the most of social media capabilities will greatly enhance your ability to engage with viewers. Utilizing social media platforms' stories and live features to their fullest will help your business because it will gain visibility to a wider audience.

An explainer video can be very helpful. This implies that you must ensure that you are making the most of it, particularly because it is becoming a far more cost-effective medium for businesses of all sizes. With the exception of sponsored advertisements, videos may travel over the internet very quickly and are a free form of advertising for your company. Social media can help you reach a wider audience by promoting your content to new users.

Nowadays, more consumers prefer to watch videos since they fulfill their needs and enable brands to provide content that their target audience would find entertaining. If you would like to find out how we can assist your company with its video marketing strategy, please call Andy Holt on 780-907-1445 for a free, no obligation meeting or telephone call.

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