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Use Video Marketing to Create Demand for Your Goods and Services

Tuesday, November 7, 2023 10:39 AM

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If you have never purchased a thing after viewing a video advertisement, you either own the best ad-blockers ever invented or have extraordinary willpower. You belong to a minority in either scenario. One of the best mediums for generating (and increasing) demand for goods and services is video.

Understanding video's significance is essential since driving and maintaining demand is a big aspect in sales success. In light of this, let's examine the precise process by which video marketing generates interest in your goods and services. 

The Effect of Video Content on Emotions

Real emotion is the cornerstone of any video that drives demand. Viewers are more likely to feel a human connection when they interact with video content. When the video ends, individuals are more likely to be eager to take out their wallets if that connection is genuine.

TikTok works particularly well for these kinds of videos. Videos with strong emotions quickly get viral and completely change brands. 

Illustrating Remedies for Imperceptible Issues

The potential of video marketing to highlight the special qualities and advantages of your product is among its most significant advantages. Video can, of course, be used to target customers who are already interested in your good or service, but it can also assist viewers identify issues they were unaware they were having. 

A few typical instances of this phenomenon exist. One type of film shows viewers how their life could change if they buy a product or service; these are called "before and after" videos. Another type of video content is provided by influencers, who promote goods and services that complement their own lifestyle and that viewers may find appealing.

It's not enough to merely push a product on consumers in today's media ecosystem; rather, you need invite them into a world where the product improves their lives. The product sells itself as soon as customers are persuaded they have been missing out.  

Teaching and Fostering Inquisitiveness

One more chance to create demand? provoking interest in viewers. Videos with a lot of sales content tend to pique the natural suspicion of viewers, who anticipate and dismiss the pitch before it even occurs. Thankfully, instructional material avoids that problem by presenting itself as a knowledge base. 

When was the last time you went down a YouTube rabbit hole and got lost? If the information is positioned to teach you something new, you will engage with it even if it comes from a brand channel. 

Companies can capitalize on this natural interest by using their videos to offer insightful analysis and useful content. By giving viewers practical advice, insider knowledge, and behind-the-scenes looks, you're fostering curiosity in them in addition to producing content. Viewers are thus more likely to trust your brand and think of your product as a solution to their problems when they feel that they have learned something from your video.

Using Social Proof and Testimonials to Their Full Potential

And lastly, the influence of word-of-mouth referrals is well known. By providing a human touch, the video elevates this idea beyond recognition. It's difficult to mimic the amount of confidence that is created when prospective customers witness actual people discussing their positive experiences with your product through words or photographs alone.

Imagine a video where happy clients talk about how your meal prep service saved them time and helped them feel less stressed, or how your fitness tracker assisted them in reaching their health objectives. These endorsements give your brand a human touch and increase its credibility and relatability. It's more probable that viewers will think your product can help them too, and this belief may lead to demand.

How to Make Your Own Demand using Video

You can see that video marketing involves more than merely promoting your goods. Although it can be applied there, it also works well to generate previously unmet demand. 

Although you have two resources at your disposal—emotion and curiosity—many other kinds of videos can assist viewers in recognizing the need for a new good or service. Just be sure to invest in a reputable video producing firm to guarantee that you stay within your budget and have the ideal outcomes.

If you would like to find out how we can assist your company with its video marketing strategy, please call Andy Holt on 780-907-1445 for a free, no obligation meeting or telephone call.

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