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Creating Short Videos to Win Over Your Audience

Monday, April 17, 2023 9:11 AM

The internet is presently ruled by video content. Videos are given precedence even on photo-based social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Approximately 85% of social media users want to see more video content.

However, in light of the abundance of videos on the internet, you must make your material interesting. You won't be able to stop your viewers from scrolling away if you don't. Everything you need to know about making engaging short form videos is provided here.

How important are short videos?

If a video is less than 60 seconds in length, about 58% of viewers finish watching it. To attract your viewers, it is crucial to select the ideal video duration. No matter how long they are, your videos should always be simple.

In your video, convey a significant point and provide a call to action. Viewers can get an impression of your brand through short films. Making 30-second movies is a terrific way to introduce your audience to the fundamental principles of your business. After they chose you, you don't have to smother them with intricate sales speak.

But do you really think it will be enough to hold the audience's attention for 30 seconds? Anytime you consider this question, consider TV advertising. Within a few seconds, a TV commercial may tell a story and evoke feelings in the audience.

If a 30-second film is poignant enough, it can quickly engage your audience's emotions. The film can demonstrate to viewers how your goods and services can provide them with practical answers.

Read on for more information on the components you must use to produce successful 30-second videos...

Create an eye-catching thumbnail

A fantastic method to capture the interest of potential viewers is by including an eye-catching thumbnail to your movies. You must, however, master the technique of producing clutter-free thumbnails. To make sure that your thumbnail is crisp and well spaced, use the rule of thirds.

Think carefully about the colours you want to use in your thumbnail. If you include text, be sure the image does not take priority over it. Attempt to read the text while squinting your eyes. If so, your font style and size selections are appropriate.

Another effective tactic for drawing viewers in is to include faces in the thumbnail for the video. The faces, however, ought to reflect the emotions shown in the movies. To draw in your viewers, avoid using deceptive face expressions in the thumbnail.

The attention of your audience might be captured with the use of animated visuals. Additionally, it will guarantee that your video can be distinguished from comparable content.

Use a descriptive title

Your video's title is frequently what entices your target audience to press the play button. The content of your videos should be implied by the title. However, avoid giving away too much and losing your viewers' attention. Adding relevant keywords to your title will help it rank well in search results, particularly on websites like YouTube. With the use of pertinent hashtags, you may prepare your films for other social media sites like Instagram.

Create a script

To make sure that everyone on the production crew is on the same page, a script is required even for videos without any dialogue. Separate your script into two sections, one for conversation and the other for what will happen visually. You should be aware that the typical English speaker speaks 150 words per minute. As a result, you have to take it into account while adding voiceover to your movies.

Build a storyboard

A storyboard is not required for all videos. Most videos for commercial purposes, interviews, and even documentaries don't require a storyboard. In particular, a storyboard is necessary for animated videos. It aids in the overall video's animation construction. Following the team's approval of all the style frames, an animator creates storyboards. Once the storyboard is accepted, illustrations may be brought to life.


Since the audience is fundamentally different, you must produce the video content for your selected platform. For instance, the audiences on Instagram and LinkedIn are quite different. Making the same material for all social media platforms does not make sense, therefore. Even if you wish to leave the main text intact, you will need to make a few minor changes before publishing.

In conclusion

Do not undervalue the effort required to produce a 30-second attention-grabbing video. Implement a detailed production plan and carefully consider your ideas to pique interest and to help you deliver a powerful message both aesthetically and emotionally.

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