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How to Launch a Small Business Video Marketing Campaign

Friday, July 21, 2023 4:23 PM

You have a lot to manage as a small business owner. Adding video marketing to your list of duties is probably the last thing you want to do, especially if you have no expertise with video and don't know where to begin. Due to the misconception that video marketing is difficult, time-consuming, or even expensive, many small company owners and entrepreneurs are reluctant to use it. You're not alone: 16% of non-video marketers say they avoid using video marketing because they lack the time to do so, and another 17% say it is too pricey. It doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming to use video marketing. This post will demonstrate several easy techniques to launch video marketing for your small business that are both time- and money-saving.

Benefits of using video marketing for small companies

Making a large impact with video on a budget can appear difficult because we are constantly exposed to high-budget videos from companies like Nike. However, it is just as possible that a small budget video can have the same impact at a fraction of the cost. Video is a terrific method for a mom-and-pop store to reach new audiences, engage and delight current customers, and even boost sales.

5 suggestions for small businesses using video marketing

It might be a bit confusing to know where to start using video for your small business because there are multiple approaches to accomplish it, especially if you don't have much time. Not to worry! Here are five different results-driven videos that each small business may use.

1. Videos showcasing brands

Brand narrative films provide viewers a deeper understanding of the background, goals, and unique selling points of your company. Potential customers are more likely to buy from companies if they stand for something greater than merely their products and services and if the brand values coincide with their own personal beliefs. Opening up about your past and your ideals, particularly in a format as private and immersive as video, may be what ultimately helps people feel connected.

2. Videos of products

Videos showcasing the key features of your product or service are a great method for small businesses to demonstrate themselves as well as attract new clients.

3. Videos for education

By educating your audience on subjects related to your business or specialty via educational films, you may position yourself as an authority or expert in your sector. This may take the form of instructions, tutorials, questions and answers, or advice.You give value to your audience by instructing them on something new, often how to execute a job linked to the product you sell, rather than directly selling them your goods or services.This increases your credibility in your business and helps you acquire the confidence of your audience.

4. Videos of social evidence

The concept of social proof holds that our behaviour is influenced by the thoughts and behaviours of others. You may leverage the authority and influence of individuals outside of your company to establish social proof and develop favourable brand emotion for your small business marketing films.These videos might include user-generated content from your consumers on social media, video collaborations with brand ambassadors or influencers, product evaluations, and customer testimonials.

5. Videos from behind the scenes

Customers can get a sneak peek of the people that run your company by watching behind-the-scenes footage. You may, for instance, produce a film introducing the team, provide personal anecdotes, or showcase regular business operations, such as how your items are created or your contacts with clients.The fact that behind-the-scenes videos don't take much time to produce is one of its benefits, and also demonstrate your corporate culture. 

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