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The Do's and Don'ts of Social Media Video Marketing

Thursday, September 28, 2023 10:23 AM

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In 2022, 71% of marketers produced videos for social media. Social media brand videos have the potential to receive a lot of views from your target market. How can you make videos that people want to watch and share? And what common errors hinder social media videos from achieving their full potential? Let's look at it.

Here are some basic rules for using videos on social media:

Make sure it has relevance to your audience.

While you might think there's a potential that you'll make a video that, while engaging in other ways, isn't very useful to your audience. The main message that might draw your audience to you may be overlooked in the excitement of being unique and daring. 

Choose what you want your viewers to learn from your video. Your buyer personas may be useful in this situation. You may, for instance, focus on the issues that your audience has, their goals, or the things that prevent them from purchasing your solution or a similar good or service. 

Your writing will then have a direction, and you can safely move it to storyboard. The process of making a social media video is straightforward and rational. 

Make sure your brand voice is heard. 

Having a unique brand voice that is reflected in the company's online and offline content, communications, and interactions is a marketing best practice. This includes the videos you post on social media, where you have a lot of opportunity to say things that support your brand image. 

Your audience will become familiar with you and feel closer to you more quickly if you keep your tone of voice consistent throughout all of your social media videos. When writing a script in your brand voice, take into account the following factors:

Using language appropriate for particular contexts.

To keep the audience's attention, use quick-witted language. It's worthwhile to take more time to write a concise, almost lyrical script. Just concentrate on using language and a tone appropriate to your audience if you're pressed for time or having trouble. 

Make the initial seconds spectacular.

The initial few seconds of the video are more crucial than the rest since they determine whether viewers will stick with it or go on to other stuff. The entire video should ideally be great. A strong hook is a frequent strategy, but engaging music or eye-catching images can also work. 

Set a budget aside for a solid script and high-quality production (audio and lighting). You might need to hire a third party company to create your social media videos. Alternately, spend more time learning, planning, conversing with specialists, and conducting significant research to handle everything yourself. 

Choose the best places to submit your videos.

TikTok has gained popularity among marketers despite being less popular than platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for video marketing. Women between the ages of 18 and 34 are more likely to use TikTok than Google, while Gen Z prefers Instagram and TikTok over Google. Consider this if you cater to a younger demographic. For B2B businesses, LinkedIn is the preferred option. 

A video that was originally intended for YouTube can now be used for other social networks, your landing page, blog, or even marketing emails. This is the benefit of making videos—or any kind of brand content, for that matter—it allows you to maintain the flow of your content marketing with less work. 

Include a call to action.

If viewers stick with your video all the way to the end, they enjoyed what they saw. This increases the likelihood that they will accept whatever advice you offer at the conclusion of the video. Your call to action (CTA), for example. Make the most of those crucial opportunities by using a CTA to persuade your audience to follow your instructions.

CTA choices for videos on social media:

A voice-over or a speaker's spoken call to action (for example, "Click the link below" or "Subscribe to our channel"). 

A text message with a call to action, such as a coupon code, a form, or an event schedule.

Another creative option is to close with a query and include a call to action, such as the URL of your website. Dollar Shave Club successfully employed this strategy, concluding with the humorous remark "Isn't it about time?" before providing the name, URL, and motto of the business. It was a fantastic conclusion to a fantastic video, which explains why it went viral and brought down the business's website due to the spike in traffic. 

What should you keep away from? Social media video don'ts

Do not sell zealously

It's recommended that every brand video on social media has subliminal sales aspects. Pushy-sounding in your video will probably repel viewers and elicit unsavoury comments. A hard pitch for the majority of content is a big no-no in the era of inbound marketing. Instead, offer ve

Avoid aiming for a hit.

Social media brand video success stories are motivational. However, achieving virality shouldn't be a goal. Aim for a high-caliber video that supports your objective, and results will inevitably follow. Making a popular video under pressure might lead to blunders. You risk missing the main point or losing its impact if you try to make your film innovative or interesting. 

Remember to include captions and subtitles!

People watch videos with the sound off in places where sound is sensitive. Looking at video subtitles while scrolling through social media feeds is a widespread practice. Your video's subtitles are essential since they are the only way viewers can understand it. Your video will be accessible to those who are hard of hearing and hearing impaired thanks to subtitles and captions. Even with the audio on, they can occasionally aid in comprehension. 

Avoid following trends.

Trends rapidly lose their allure. Based on the same trend, another company might produce a superior video. You might be losing the battle. Being genuine and unique is more efficient. 

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Last of all, the most important thing to consider is to employ the services of a professional to ensure the best possible results...

Employ a video production company.

Hiring a video production company will enable you to fulfill your marketing objectives affordably if you lack the internal resources or time to produce social media videos. You are free to get as involved as you like and to influence your marketing partner. If you would like to find out how we can assist your company with its video marketing strategy, please call Andy Holt on 780-907-1445 for a free, no obligation meeting or telephone call.

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